• Bisnow Ident

    Bisnow Ident

  • MyEd


  • sheSaidBeauty


    I was asked to produce a marketing animation that explains to there audience that you can […]

  • Genome internet week presentation

    Genome internet week presentation

  • OpenGamma


    “OpenGamma commissioned me to explain there service that provides technology for financial institutions to improve analytics […]

  • DealBoard


  • MyEd


    The client wanted me to design a animation that could reach out to their younger generation […]

  • PayNearMe Explainer

    PayNearMe Explainer

    Startup PayNearMe commissioned me to design and animate a overview of there new payment system. It […]

  • Jetit


    JETIT commissioned me to designed a animation that could explain there new concept. I designed a […]

  • BountyBuy.com


    Bounty buy commissioned me to design a animated explanation that had a storyline with viral potential […]

  • Prestige Presentation

    Prestige Presentation

    Prestige vision asked me to design a animated explanation based on there market research. They handed […]

  • Adobe License To Create

    Adobe License To Create

    Motion graphic, animated presentation, animated explanation